How To Save Money When Raising Pre-Move Cash?

Moving is not an easy task to carry out smoothly. You must have proper plans to move easily. Your shipment will become heavier and costlier with the adding of more items, so you have to sort your items to make your move with minimum belongings. Some money can also be saved and even earned by trimming your list of belongings.

What to sell?

Make a list on your notebook of the items you want to sell. Here is a list of some items that can easily be sold prior to your move -

  • Mirrors, beddings, linens, lamps, furniture and appliances.
  • DVDs, records, photography, audio and video equipments.
  • Baby toys, furniture, bikes and board games.
  • Lawn accessories and patio furniture.
  • Excess kitchen utensils, glassware and flatware.
  • Exercise and sport equipments.

Here is a list of ways to how to save money before your move given as follows -

Have a garage sale

Holding a garage sale will help you to sell your unwanted belongings at a good price. You can also earn some money to prepare yourself for the big move. The following advice should be considered by you to hold a garage sale -

  • Take minimum three weeks for preparations.
  • Restrictions of local authorities on a garage sale should be checked. A special permission may be needed by you from the authority to hold a garage sale.
  • You can share your working with your neighbors for holding a joint sale for making more profits.
  • More customers will be attracted to this sale to make it a successful one, if you can offer them a good collection of different items.
  • Inform your insurance agent about holding a garage sale if you hold this sale on your property.
  • Cardboard boxes and shopping bags should be saved.
  • Tag all your items with reasonable prices and be ready to bargain with your customers.
  • Be prepared with a lot of change in your pocket.

Set up stall at a local market

You can easily sell secondhand items at local flea market because it is mostly attended by professional secondhand bargain hunters. You have to pay a nominal fee to set up your shop at this market.

Post items online

The unwanted items can also be sold online for earning extra money. You can get a large number of customers worldwide by holding an online auction. Know more about the requirements and payments by visiting the individual ​auction​ site online.

Donate items on charity

The leftover items can be donated on charity in order to save some money on shipping cost.

Thus, follow these above given steps in order to save a good amount of money on moving.